Sep 11, 2022 1 min read

Open-Sourcing my Solo Founder Application to YC Winter 23 (

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Have you ever stayed up all night, revising a college application/essay right before the deadline? I didn't: I dropped out as a freshman (a story for another time). Writing an application loaded with this much upside is a new experience for me!

Maybe that's why I'm obsessing over my Ycombinator application this weekend. I read that YC gets 15,000 - 20,000 applications per batch. The first round of reviewers might read 200 applications/day (oof). Most applications are discarded in 30 seconds (double-oof).

What should I change to keep my YC app from being thrown out?

I would appreciate your feedback, no matter who you are! I've enabled comments on my draft - if you have 5 minutes to skim. If you prefer email, send your thoughts to

[Leigh Johnson,] YC Application Review
Company Company name: PrintNanny Company URL: What is your company going to make? Please describe your product and what it does or will do. PrintNanny is like having a personal assistant for a 3D printing business. There are 600,000 small manufacturers in the United States...
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