I needed an SDWire board but couldn't buy one due to imported component shortages. So I learned how to fab PCBs with components made in the USA.

👋 My name is Leigh, and I'm the founder of PrintNanny.ai.

I desperately needed a Tizen SDWire board to automate smoke tests for PrintNanny OS, a Linux distribution I created to manage 3D printers using a Raspberry Pi. The SDWire board would allow me to re-image the Raspberry Pi's SD card (without physically removing the SD card from the Pi).

Unfortunately, SDWire boards were completely sold-out. Everywhere! I was willing to pay a huge markup for just one of these gosh-darn boards ... but no one could sell me one.

Full post moved to https://printnanny.ai/blog/i-needed-a-sold-out-sdwire-board-so-i-learned-how-to-fab-pcbs/

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